Why You Need an ATM

How many times have you heard a customer say “Do you have an ATM?” Chances are, it’s been more than once or twice.
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Why You Need an ATM

  • Eliminate Credit & Debit Card Fees. By directing your customers to the ATM, you can eliminate the credit card fees you are currently paying.
  • Control bad debt. Cash does not bounce! When a customer uses cash from an ATM it cuts down the charge backs, disputes, bad checks, and the stress associated with these.
  • Enhanced Location Image. Business owners and clients agree that locations providing ATM services are considered more desirable and convenient than those without.
  • Increased Customer Traffic. It is statistically proven that locations providing an ATM for public use increase the businesses foot traffic by an average of 5%.
  • Promote Impulse Buying. Studies show ATM card carriers and users spend 20% to 25% more in a given location than traditional credit card users – cash vs. plastic.
  • Additional Customer Convenience. Two-thirds of the nation’s population carries ATM cards. If a location is not providing ATM services, customers may look elsewhere.
  • Increased Inside Sales. Studies show that an average of 40% to 60% of the cash withdrawn from an ATM is spent at that location – this percentage rises to 70% to 80% at nightclubs.

Get an ATM at your Location.

I have several options I can offer to make it easy to start putting cash in your customer’s hands.

#1) I can sell you an ATM machine. Machines run from $1,900 for a refurbished machine to $2,990 for a new. The advantage to owning the machine outright is that you make the majority of the money from the surcharge. Based on a $3.00 surcharge you would make $2.80.
#2) We Own the machine and you fill the machine. With this option, we would place an ATM machine at your location, and you would fill the machine with cash. The advantage to this option is that you do not have to come out of pocket with the money for the cost of the ATM. In this scenario, we would split the surcharge revenue 50/50 and I would be responsible for all costs associated with the machine including parts and shipping.

I hope that you can see how beneficial an ATM would be to your establishment.

Give me a call and let’s work together on getting an ATM in you location.

Jerry Lewis
Tri Valley Vending/ATM Alaska